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The Library & Information Service holds a collection of over 75 current journals and an archive of nearly 850 additional titles. ICAEW members and ACA students can also access more than 3,000 journals online.

A-Z of journals

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Use the A-Z to access a full list of titles held by the ICAEW Library & Information Service and a selection of the titles available online.

Online journals

Members and students can access more than 3,000 journals online including key business, management and trade titles.

You will need to be logged in to the website to access the full selection of online journals.

Journals in the LIS collection

A selection of current journals and magazines are available in the Library at Chartered Accountants' Hall. We can also send articles directly to you from our full collection.

You can check the availability of titles and specific issues via these links from our Library catalogue:

C & L Journal (Coopers & Lybrand) [archive] 
CA Magazine (Canada) [archive] 
CA Magazine (Scotland)
CA News (Institute of Chartered Accountants of Scotland) [archive] 
CA Student [archive] 
CABA News (Chartered Accountants Benevolent Association) [archive] 
California Accountant (Society of California Accountants) [archive] 
California CPA Quarterly (California Society of Certified Public Accountants) [archive] 
California Society CPA Monthly Statement [archive] 
California Society CPA Newsletter [archive] 
Canadian Accountant [archive] 
Canadian Chartered Accountant (Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants) [archive] 
Canadian Journal of Accountancy [archive] 
Canadian Tax Journal (Canadian Tax Foundation) [archive] 
Capital Account (London Society of Chartered Accountants) [archive] 
Capital Tax Planning [archive] 
Capital Taxes News and Reports [archive] 
Career Accountant (Frederick Communications) [archive] 
Career Accountant (World Media) [archive] 
CASB Highlights (Washington,Dc:Cost Accounting Standards Board) [archive] 
CASSL- The Newspaper of The Chartered Accountant Students' Society of London [archive] 
Certified Accountants' Journal (Association of Certified and Corporate Accountants) [archive] 
Certified Accountants' Journal (London Association of Certified Accountants) [archive] 
Certified General Accountant  [archive] 
Certified Public Accountant (American Institute of Accountants) [archive] 
Certified Public Accountant (Konin kaikeishi – Japan) [archive]
CFO Europe [archive]
CGA Magazine [archive]
Charity and Voluntary Group Newsletter (ICAEW) [archive]
Charity and Voluntary Sector Group News [archive]
Charity Finance
Chartam (ICAEW) 
Chartech (ICAEW) [archive]
Chartech news (ICAEW) [archive] 
Charter [archive]
Charter (Sydney) [archive] 
Chartered Accountant (San Francisco: Institute of Chartered Accountants) [archive] 
Chartered Accountant (Sri Lanka) [archive] 
Chartered Accountant (Zimbabwe) [archive]
Chartered Accountant In Australia (Institute of Chartered Accountants In Australia) [archive] 
Chartered Accountant- Journal of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India [archive]
Chartered Accountants' Journal of New Zealand [archive]
Chartered One (ICAEW)
Chartered Secretary (Chartered Institute of Secretaries) [archive] 
Chartered Secretary (ICSA) [archive] 
Chartered Students' Telephone [archive]   
Chinese Certified Public Accountant [archive]
Circular of The London Association of Accountants (London Association of Certified Accountants) [archive] 
CMA Magazine [archive]
CMA Management [archive]
Commercial Accountant [archive] 
Commercial Accountants' Quarterly Tax Bulletin (Society of Commercial Accountants) [archive] 
Commonwealth Journal of Accountancy (Commonwealth Institute of Accountants) [archive] 
Communique (Grant Thornton International) [archive] 
Communique (Nottingham) (ICAEW) [archive] 
Company Accountant - Journal for All Accountants Engaged In Industry, Banking and Commerce [archive] 
Company Accountant (Institute of Company Accountants) [archive] 
Company Reporting- improving standards of financial Reporting practice [archive]
Company Secretary's Factbook - Bulletin [archive]
The Company Secretary's Factbook - Newsletter [archive]
Company Secretary's Review
Compliance Monitor [archive]
Consultor Mercantile Industrial, El [archive] 
Contabilidad [archive] 
Contemporary Accounting Research [archive]
Contra (Chartered Accountants Students' Society of London) [archive] 
Contra (Liverpool Chartered Accountants Students' Association) [archive] 
Controller, The [archive]
Cooperative Accountant [archive] 
Coopers & Lybrand Journal (USA) [archive] 
Coopers Journal (Cooper Bros.) [archive] 
Corporate Accounting International [archive] 
Corporate Finance Briefings (KPMG Peat Marwick) [archive] 
Corporate Financier
Corporate Governance (ICAEW) [archive] 
Corporate Governance - an international review [archive]
Corporate rescue and insolvency
Corporate Tax Review [archive] 
Cost Accountant (Institute of Cost and Works Accountants) [archive] 
Cost and Management - Journal of the Institute of Cost and Management Accountants of Bangladesh [archive]
Cost and Management (Society of Management Accountants of Canada) [archive] 
CPA Journal [archive]
CPA Letter (AICPA) [archive] 
CPA Magazine [archive]
CPA Newsletter (North Carolina Association of Certified Public Accountants) [archive] 
CPA Singapore [archive] 
CPABC in focus [archive]
Credit Management [archive]
Critical Perspectives on Accounting [archive]
Croydac (ICAEW) [archive] 
Cronica Commercial (Academia Cientifico-Mercantil De Barcelona) [archive] 
Croydon and District Society of Chartered Accountants Newsreview [archive] 
CTT News [archive] 
CTT News and Reports [archive] 
Current Account - South Essex Society of Chartered Accountants [archive] 
Current Account (Institute of Chartered Accountants of Bermuda) [archive]

If you are intending to visit the Library in person to look at any specific journals please let us know in advance so that we can retrieve any issues that are held in our store within good time for your visit. Our collection includes complete sets of many titles, however there are gaps and missing issues in some journal runs.

Can't find what you are looking for?

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