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Can witches claim tax allowances?

We are fond of a challenge in the ICAEW Library team and have certainly received some intriguing queries over the years. One of the more unexpected of these has been 'Can witches get tax allowances like Church of England ministers can?'

Why did the farmer cross the road? To diversify

Combined with the demands of competing in local and international markets it is estimated that half of UK farms have embraced diversification to spread risk, be tax efficient and lead innovation. And accountants play a leading role in helping businesses diversify and grow in these challenging economic times.

Working from home - four essential tips

Moving from working in an office to working from home might be an attractive and cost-effective idea for you or your staff, but there are other important considerations to think about when making this change. The library has some really useful resources to help make sure you’ve covered everything.

Man vs Machine: Will computers take over accountancy?

The digital revolution is driving productivity, accelerating innovation and permanently transforming employment. Look around you and you will notice how technologies are affecting skills, wages and the economy.

It's all in the Mindfulness

'Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment.' The practice of mindfulness is becoming ever more popular - organisations are now adopting it as a way of encouraging a culture of balanced well-being among employees.

'Landlord of England, art thou now'

Have you ever watched helplessly as your local pub was closed down by developers? Have you wished that someone would save it for the people who love it and use it? Thanks to a series of new community initiatives, preserving your pub could be easier than you think - and the name above the door could be yours.

Life after children: tips for a successful transition back to work

Going back to work after having children can be a daunting prospect. Whether you’ve taken maternity leave or are returning after a longer career break, you may worry that your skills and knowledge have deserted you. Concerns about juggling work and family responsibilities are also common. There are things you can do however for an easier transition back to work.

Football Foxes set for financial big-time?

Leicester City have been crowned Premier League champion in a fairy tale season for the Foxes – their first ever top division title, but what will this mean financially?

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