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I saw LIS helping Santa Claus

‘Twas the week after Christmas 2014 and ICAEW Library and Information Service (LIS) had a special visit from Nicholas Claus, honorary ACA. He was determined that this year he would get all of his business affairs in order before December so came to us asking how we could help.

Firstly we supplied a benchmarking report on the toy industry from FAME because he wanted to see how his workshop compared to some of the other large manufacturing companies. We then showed him our books on employment law, as he'd been having some trouble with his elves. This was also a good opportunity to tell him about our subject gateway on auto-enrolment which is something he will have to address soon for all his busy helpers.

There were some question marks about how his sleigh should be treated as a company benefit so we loaned a book on the tax implications of this. This loan was completely free; the only cost to him was posting it back from the North Pole.

Let's not forget the sprightly pullers of the sleigh, Rudolph, Dasher, Dancer, Prancer… Santa's feisty flying reindeer make him a keeper of livestock, so we suggested he join the ICAEW Farming and Rural Business Group for the latest sector news and practical advice. There's a group for Mrs Claus too; as she's a Non-Executive Director she's an essential part of making sure the firm is well-governed, so we recommended she join our Non-Executive Directors Group to help her keep Christmas in order and share her experiences with others. See the Join a Special Interest Group pages to find yours.

Of course Mr Claus is well known for his international operations, so our web pages on import and export were invaluable. Finally we showed him all the resources we hold on elf and safety, which is a serious consideration in a factory environment.

When he left, he remarked: ‘Thank you LIS for all the information you've provided; that's the best gift I'll get this year. As a reward for being so bright will you help guide my sleigh on Christmas night?’ To retain the magical mystery we couldn't possibly comment on if we accepted, but as you may be aware the Business Centre and Library is closed on Christmas Eve so we'll let you draw your own conclusions…

To find out when ICAEW Library and Information Service is available to help you over the festive period (offer excludes removing you from a chimney) check our opening hours.

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