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'Landlord of England, art thou now'

Have you ever watched helplessly as your local pub was closed down by developers? Have you wished that someone would save it for the people who love it and use it? Thanks to a series of new community initiatives, preserving your pub could be easier than you think - and the name above the door could be yours.

If you can get 21 people to agree your local is worth saving you may be able to get it listed as an asset of community value (ACV). This will put any development plans on hold while the community works out a plan to keep it going on a long-term basis. This is where the second initiative comes in. More Than a Pub is a £3.62 million scheme to help community-owned pubs get off the ground, offering workshops, grants, loans and specialised advice.

If there’s anyone who knows how to get to grips with a new business, it’s accountants. The Library & Information Service has developed industry research pages to support our members, covering everything from aviation to video games. Our guide to the alcoholic drinks industry holds market research reports, key legislation, trade journals and a wealth of other resources that can help you understand the pub trade.

If you’re looking for general advice on running a small business, our subject gateway for SMEs will point you in the right direction. Whether you need marketing tips, business insurance or an introduction to working with suppliers, the Library & Information Service is here to help.

As you’ll see from our Budget 2016 pages, the Chancellor’s announcement on 16 March brought welcome news for British publicans. Duty rates on beer and spirits were frozen for another year and George Osborne has promised cuts to commercial stamp duty and business rates. If you’ve ever had dreams of being a landlord yourself, there’s never been a better time to make John of Gaunt angry.

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