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Lost in the maze of finding international company information? Let the Library help you out

Whether you are looking for recent or historical company information, the ICAEW library professionals can help. By subscribing to various databases and providing links to web resources across the globe, we can find relevant company information quickly and efficiently.

The Library subscribes to a suite of company information resources which provide access to data on over 100 million companies worldwide. Plus insurance companies, banks and financial institutions. Not only do these sources have recent financial information but they often provide data over a ten year period and offer original documents to download.

Information professionals provide a number of company research services for members, including company profiles, mailing lists, benchmarking reports and due diligence checks. So whether you're going for an interview; targeting new clients; measuring a company's performance against the market; or checking a potential business partner, you can come to us.

In addition to premium databases the library team maintains up-to-date links to sources of accounting, taxation and other business information including:

The information you need may involve a number of options, but our team of researchers can choose the right ones for your purposes. Members can contact us and we'll draw on our resources and knowledge to provide you with a package of relevant data, whether it's just a set of company accounts or something more detailed including press coverage, articles and links to free resources.

Explore our guide to services or just telephone or email us with your questions.

Expert help for your enquiries and research

Our enquiry team can help answer questions on a wide range of topics – simply contact us and we will respond within 24 hours.

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