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Whether in business or practice, you’ll often need to undertake customer due diligence and may need to know rather more than just identity. As part of gathering due diligence for your client file, you may want to check if they have fallen foul of any regulatory bodies or sanctions lists, or if the customer is a Politically Exposed Person (PEP).

Various sources provide such data but could mean you’re spending valuable time searching and recording the information yourself. Whilst sanctions lists are free on the web, they are not searchable databases. And, a one-stop source for PEP is just not available for free – you’d have to pay for commercial services.

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So, how can the Library & Information Service help you with such client screening searches? By offering you a free search, on a leading risk and compliance database. In one search it will check names (individuals or entities) against government sanction lists, PEP lists and a large number of other legal, regulatory and industry watchlists.

There’s an easy-to-use web form to submit your request. This goes straight to our Enquiry Team. And to help to understand more about what you’ll get from the service, you can see some FAQ’s and examples of the reports.

You can tell us whether you want a ‘precise’ search or a broader, ‘near’ search. With extra details such as date of birth or country, you increase the chances of a better match, making it easier for you to identify a name needing more investigation. When this happens, come back to us for a full profile.

If the details you’ve supplied produce a unique match we’ll send a full profile report. Even if there are no matches, we will still supply a search report, for your records. All the documents supplied will include confirmation of the time and date that the search was run.

What else do you need to know? The service entitles ICAEW members or ACA students to request up to three screenings per week. And whilst the client screening searches do not verify client identities, they can still be an integral part of your client risk assessment.

Visit icaew.com/clientscreening to make a request, or learn more about the service.