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What's the going rate for your role?

Members often contact the ICAEW Library team looking for salary benchmarking surveys, which are useful to compare their salary against the industry average or get an indication of how much they might get paid in a different sector or job role.

Here are some examples of how we can help you find specialist accountancy and finance salary information.

Did you know?

Our 2015 survey found the average annual basic salary for an ICAEW Chartered Accountant working in business is £90,200.

Chief Financial Officer (CFO) roles

A member got in touch because he had been invited to take up an interim CFO consultancy role and wanted to work out what his fee should be. After investigating online, we sent him links to these guides:

Practice salaries

Another member was looking for salary surveys for small firms in practice, for salaries up to partner level. Surveys covering accountants in practice rather than business can be trickier to find.

Having scrutinized the surveys available, we directed the member to the following guides:

Find more

The Library has a regularly updated Salary surveys page, which provides links to these surveys and more, covering a wide range of industries and roles.

So next time you need to benchmark your salary or benefits, visit our page or get in touch!