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Your library can save you thousands

Are you taking full advantage of these member benefits? Our expert researchers can trawl for sources to save you time and money.

The answer isn't always online, or sometimes print is more appropriate. 

I know that sounds like heresy these days, but the library has some wonderful print material that you just can’t get online. 

  • One member recently needed sample accounts for a dairy farm. We supplied these from three print sources - 'Agriculture Industry Accounting and Auditing Guide,' 'Accounting for Farms,' and the 'Agricultural Budgeting and Costings Book.'
  • Another grateful member told us recently that borrowing a loan copy of Tolley’s 'VAT Cases' had saved him £5,000 for a client.
  • And, another satisfied member said we’d saved her a fortune with Tolley’s 'Expatriate Tax Planning.'

Most small practices or businesses can’t afford costly annual volumes or expensive online subscriptions and that’s where we’re able to help.

Moreover, we can use our in-depth knowledge of sources to the find the best solution, tailored just for your needs.

Recently, one practitioner rang looking for an online example of charity accounts. We were able to point her towards them on GOV.UK. In addition, we told her about real life examples of filed charity accounts in CCH’s book 'Preparing Charity Accounts' and supplied those to her.

Here's another example. We worked with one user who had a strong preference for an online version of an employment contract. After a discussion, he happily took examples from Lawpack’s 'Ready-made Employment Letters, Contracts and Forms' and Indicator’s 'Essential Documents for Employment' because they were better for his circumstances.

So, the next time you want some quick help finding answers, email the library. We may have just the solution.