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RPI and CPI on the web

The best online sources for the Retail Prices Index and Consumer Prices Index, including current and historical data.

Current Data

The main source of RPI and CPI data is the Office for National Statistics (ONS). It publishes monthly statistical bulletins and briefing notes featuring summaries, datasets and time series data, available online from 2010 onwards. The latest monthly figures for CPI, CPIH and RPI are also published on the Inflation and price indices page of the ONS website.

The ONS also publishes guides to consumer price indices and inflation, including the methodology it uses to calculate the CPI and RPI.

Historical Data

Historical inflation data is published by a number of public bodies, as well as the Bank of England. The tables may be more useful for quick reference than the detailed ONS reports; they are based on the same data.

Hampshire County Council

The County Treasurer's Department of Hampshire County Council maintained a Retail Prices Index page until 2016 (this is no longer updated). It shows:

  • Monthly RPI figures since 1974
  • Monthly CPI figures since 1998
  • Annual RPI since 1962
  • Annual CPI since 1998

Devon County Council

The economy section of the Devon County Council web site has monthly RPI data from 1970 to the present.

House of Commons Library

The research paper Inflation: the Value of the Pound 1750-2011 provides comparative figures for the RPI and its equivalents between 1750 and 2011. The paper includes information on the sources used and some sample calculations.

Bank of England

The Bank of England has an inflation calculator that can compare the value of a pound between any two years from 1750 onwards.

Office for National Statistics

The ONS published an article on Consumer Price Inflation since 1750 in Economic Trends 604 (March 2004). It features a composite price index that allows long-term comparisons of inflation and purchasing power.

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