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Regulations: landlords face new energy efficiency regulations

Landlords with tenants in domestic and non-domestic premises should prepare for new regulations requiring them to make energy efficiency improvements to their properties before they can continue to be rented out.

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In England and Wales, landlords of domestic properties will have to consent to specific types of energy efficiency improvements their tenants want to carry out by 1 April 2016. The Government plans to consult on issues such as the process for requesting consent and the penalties for non-compliance.

From 1 April 2018, landlords will not be able to rent out either domestic or non-domestic property that has not achieved a specific energy rating – likely to be the 'E' rating.

The impending rules means landlords should be reviewing their entire property portfolios to identify properties requiring work in order to achieve an 'E' energy rating, and whose domestic tenants may ask for consent to make energy efficiency improvements.

Operative date
1 April 2016

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