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New consultation: Government proposes changes to the law on non-compete clauses in contracts of employment

Employers will welcome the opportunity to comment on a consultation proposing to make it harder for employers to impose and enforce non-compete clauses on or against ex-employees after they leave their job.

January 2021

This update was published in Legal Alert - January 2021

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The new consultation 'Non-Compete Clauses: Consultation on measures to reform post-termination non-compete clauses in contracts of employment' asks for views on two main proposals.

The first is that non-compete clauses should only be enforceable against an ex-employee if the employee is paid compensation during the non-compete period – for example, by paying them a proportion of their normal remuneration in return for accepting the non-compete clause.

The second proposal is that non-compete clauses be banned completely – although this is highly unlikely to happen.

The deadline for comments is 26 February 2021.

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