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Market segmentation

A collection of resources from the ICAEW Library & Information Service on market segmentation. This marketing technique involves treating customers as distinct groups of buyers with particular needs, characteristics and aspirations.

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Online articles

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Precise targeting foiled by imprecise data: why weak data accuracy and coverage threaten advertising effectiveness

The article discusses the impact that inaccurate data has on hampering the effectiveness of targeted advertising, including in reaching data-driven target market segments of the population. The use of data in targeted digital advertising, including problems in this regard with misidentifying consumers, is discussed.

Sell to voters not consumers

The article discusses how political ideology may help marketers segment their audience. Topics covered include the finding by marketing researchers that election maps can predict consumer attitudes as much as traditional demographics, ways in which brands can tap into a market segmentation defined by political ideology and the successes of appealing to consumers' political ideologies by taking a stand on an issue. It also tackles how political ideologies can also predict other traits.

Segmentation enters the sales playbook: While a common tool for marketers, sales has started using segmentation as well

The article offers information on benefits of the sales segmentation which is the process of establishing separate marketing strategies to appeal to consumers with different needs, interests, budgets or other attributes

Whats wrong with segmentation?

The article focuses on issues surrounding market segmentation. Topics include the rise of big data and the quest for personalized, one-to-one marketing stated to have rendered classical segmentation irrelevant, a close relationship between the quality of a segmentation program and an organization's level of customer centricity, and linking to marketing tools.

How small businesses can target niche markets

The article focuses on success of small businesses by focusing on niche markets. Topics discussed include ramifications for research and development, innovation investment and other areas of the business, need to understand customers' needs and requirements, and research by Ogilvy and Google on influence on customers' purchasing decisions

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Useful links

A Complete guide to market segmentation
Article from Cleverism that deals with what is market segmentation, types of market segmentation and steps of market segmentation. registration required for free download.

Group your customers into market segments
Guide from the Canada Business Network which aims to explain the basics of how to sort your customers into groups. It covers: the benefits of segmentation, customer management, approaches to segmentation and niche markets.

Market segmentation
In depth articles from Management Study Guide including: meaning, basis and types; the need for; steps; target marketing; target market selection.

Market segmentation in B2B markets
Guide from B2B International, B2B market research specialists. It covers sections on how to segment, using statistics to arrive at a segmentation and segmentations to work with.

A practical guide to market segmentation
Guide from B2B International, B2B market research specialists, giving ten steps in market segmentation.

Segment your way to a more profitable practice
An August 2013 AccountingWEB article investigating whether accountancy practices using market segmentation risk blocking potential sources of growth. Pros and cons of the approach are identified (free registration required).

Understanding your target market is critical for success
An article on what smaller companies can do to collect demographic and lifestyle information on their customers. Part of the Business Owner's Toolkit from Bizfilings.

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