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Exhibit 4: Sample Change Order

A sample of wording to use when notifying customers when unforeseen costs arise.

This 'exhibit' relates to the third part in the series of articles 'Pricing on purpose: how to implement value pricing in your firm', by Ronald J. Baker. 



Project Description and scope of services [and estimated completion date, if appropriate]:
Price: $_____________
We believe it is our responsibility to exceed your expectations. This Change Order is being prepared because the above project was not anticipated in our original Fixed Price Agreement, dated xx/xx/xx. The price for the above project has been mutually agreed upon by XYZ, and ABC, CAs. It is our goal to ensure that XYZ is never surprised by the price for any ABC service, and therefore we have adopted the Change Order Policy. The price above is due and payable upon completion of the project described [or, payable up front, if agreed upon, or in installments, etc., whatever you and the customer agree to].
If you agree with the above project description and the price, please authorize and date the Change Order below. A copy is enclosed for your records. Thank you for letting us serve you.

Allan Somnolent, Partner, ABC, CAs
Agreed to and accepted:

BY: ________________________
Customer, President, XYZ
Date: _________________________