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Exhibit 5: After action review: to be completed by the value council/CVO after each major engagement

A list of questions to asked by the value council or CVO following each major value pricing engagement.

This 'exhibit' relates to the third part in the series of articles 'Pricing on purpose: how to implement value pricing in your firm', by Ronald J. Baker.  

  • Did we add value for this customer?
  • How could we have added more value? Did we create unexpected value?
  • Did we capture value?
  • Could we have captured more value through a higher price?
  • If we were doing this type of FPA again how would we do it?
  • What are the implications for product/service design?
  • Should we communicate the lessons on this FPA to our colleagues and how?
  • How could we have enhanced our customer’s perception of value?
  • What did we teach this customer?
  • What other needs does this customer have and are we addressing them?
  • Did this FPA enhance our relationship with this customer?
  • What impact has this FPA had on developing our customer’s trust in us?
  • How would you rate our customer’s price sensitivity before and after this job?
  • How has this FPA advanced us?
  • Did we have the right team on this FPA?
  • Approximately, how high were the costs to serve?
  • What could we do better next time?
  • Do we need to update our customer complaint register?
  • How could we thank this customer for their business?