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Khoon Yeow Tan - Malaysia

Khoon Yeow is a Partner, Learning & Professional Development at BDO PLT in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. He joined ICAEW through Pathways in 2016.

What is involved in your role?

I am responsible for developing and facilitating Continuing Professional Development (CPD) courses on financial reporting and auditing for clients and professional staff of BDO within the SEA region.

I am also involved in addressing interesting financial reporting and auditing situations, as well as implementing various tools and templates within BDO in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards (‘IFRS’) and International Standards on Auditing (‘ISA’). 

How did you decide to apply for Pathways?

My colleagues told me about the Pathways route several years ago. As I have a passion for learning and self-development the scheme piqued my interest. It was also the allure of joining the established ranks of ICAEW members across the globe that motivated me to apply.

What helped you succeed?

The plethora of applied knowledge and concise approach to elaborating these experiences were critical success factors in my application. I found the illustrative scripts and webinar to be particularly useful because they provided me with an understanding of the content and perspective that examiners are looking for.

Do you have any advice for candidates?

For anyone considering applying, I would advise persistence and taking a step back to have an overall view of the examples shared in the script.

How has ICAEW membership helped you?

ICAEW membership not only provides access to excellent thought leadership resources – it is also a passport to boundless networking opportunities. As an ICAEW member, I had the opportunity recently to facilitate an IFRS workshop in Yangon, Myanmar on behalf of ICAEW in collaboration with the Myanmar Institute of Certified Public Accountants.

I would definitely recommend this scheme to eligible candidates as it is a golden opportunity to be recognised as an ICAEW member and stand out in your professional dealings.