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Ronald Lam Kee - Mauritius

Ronald Lam Kee is a Relationship Manager at BDO Solutions Ltd in Mauritius. He joined ICAEW in 2017.

What is involved in your role?

As a Relationship Manager at BDO Solutions Ltd, I provide technical support to my three teams and ensure that audit works are allocated and completed in an efficient and timely manner.

What made you apply for Pathways?

The ACA designation is very highly regarded in Mauritius. Most employers, as well as the local accountancy regulatory body, value the ACA higher than other accountancy memberships – especially if you work in public practice.

This is why, back in 2017, I was looking for a way to join ICAEW. Upon visiting the ICAEW website I found out about the Pathways route and decided to apply using my ACCA membership.

What helped you succeed?

The resources on the website were a huge help during the application process, especially the multiple example scripts for the Examination of Experience. Taking the time to thoroughly read the ICAEW instructions and resources is what has helped me succeed.

To find the right examples for my submission, I made use of my timesheets and engagement reports – this also helped me give detailed accounts of the events, as required. However, reaching 500 words for each question was a challenge, given my natural propensity to be as factual and concise as possible. 

For my application, I also had the support of my firm’s technical partner who helped me decide which example was the most relevant for each question. Consulting with colleagues during the application process to ensure clarity and focus was a useful exercise.

Do you have any advice for candidates?

While Pathways is an efficient route in for those who already have considerable experience with another professional body, you still need to prepare early and put in a lot of mental and physical effort. That’s why I would advise anyone considering this route to take it seriously and to make use of all the resources and support available.

I would definitely recommend the scheme – it is a straightforward and cost-efficient way to become an ICAEW member. 

How has ICAEW membership helped you?

Becoming an ICAEW member has noticeably increased my perceived value and I am excited to now being able to use the ACA credentials.

I am also particularly enjoying the newsletters and resources provided to members, as well as the prestige of being part of ICAEW and its growing community in Mauritius.