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Opportunities at universities

ICAEW’s student engagement team attend or run over 300 events at universities across the UK every year. By volunteering at these events, you’ll be inspiring the next generation of chartered accountants with your expertise. The events we typically ask for support with are outlined below, however there may be other opportunities too. We’ll discuss this with you at the time.

Business games

These sessions give students an insight into chartered accountancy, highlighting that an accountants’ expertise far exceed number crunching. The format of each game differs, however a typical challenge will involve teams of students looking at a financial overview of a company, carrying out a SWOT analysis and making key recommendations. The game is concluded with the students presenting back their findings. Member volunteers will be asked to support the exercise and take on the all-important role of judging presentations.

Employability skills

These workshops are focused on how students can really ‘wow’ employers throughout the application process; from creating engaging CVs to demonstrating key skills at interview.. Students will walk away from the session with an understanding of the importance of softer skills such as communication, resilience and integrity.

Careers fairs

By supporting our student engagement team at a careers fair, you’ll be providing students with the invaluable opportunity to ask you about your career, and your top tips . You’ll be in a position to have a real impact on students’ futures, giving them the knowledge to make educated career choices.