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Webinar: Planning an IPO - think beyond the process

Watch this webcast to learn about IPO readiness and how to plan a successful and efficient IPO.

Whether the aim is to acquire higher market profile or provide a market for their shares, for many companies, going public through an IPO is a key moment in their life cycle signalling their strength and growth potential.

In the Middle East, IPOs have been gaining ground since the end of 2013, a trend which is expected to continue for at least the next 12 months.

Gregory Hughes, Director Capital Markets, Transactions and Restructuring, KPMG, shares his expert knowledge on this subject to help you decide if going down the IPO route is right for your business and where you should list as well as understand what it will take to get your business ready for listing.

Whether you are already considering to go down the IPO route or are simply curious as to whether you should be, this webcast will provide you with invaluable access to one of the region's foremost experts who shares his experiences to help you understand why recent issuers have chosen the IPO route and what the main challenges in executing an IPO are so that you are better equipped to plan a successful IPO and meet your objectives.