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Probate diversity data results

All firms accredited for probate services are required to collect, report and publish diversity data about their employees. While this is a regulatory requirement, there are many benefits to focusing on diversity and inclusion.

2021 Probate Diversity Survey Webinar: Your questions answered

Watch our 2021 webinar to understand how to collect, submit and publish your 2021 results.

Probate diversity survey results – 2019, 2017 and 2015

2019 probate diversity survey results: A catalyst for action

The diversity of current and future customers and the resources to serve these markets create new opportunities for firms. This report will help you assess your resources through peer comparisons and market positioning information.

The 2019 diversity survey report is available to download. While the diversity survey and reporting is a regulatory requirement, there are many benefits to understanding the value of a diverse workforce. Use this report to benchmark your practice against other practices and consider the broader diversity issues that might arise in your practice as a consequence. It can be used to help understand the profile of current teams, plan for future recruitment and identity opportunities.

We are grateful to the firms and their staff who have contributed to this review despite some of the difficult areas of disclosure. When this exercise was performed in 2017, only 67% of firms returned their results. This figure jumped to 87% in 2019; 272 firms involving over 9,000 staff responded. It’s fantastic to see this increased engagement and recognition that diversity has an important part to play in the development of your firm’s services. We hold the strong view that people should be themselves and authentic at work as this helps build quality and integrity in the delivery of legal services. In 2019’s report, the movement in metrics in the areas of care and disability, in particular, provide an evidence base for ICAEW initiatives such as being a Disability Confident Committed Employer. We encourage your firm to consider and develop your own policies around these too.

2017 probate diversity survey results

2015 probate diversity survey results

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