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Annexes for ICAEW's application to regulate and license further reserved legal services

Annexes to accompany the ICAEW's application to regulate and license further reserved legal services.


  1. Legal Services Regulations
  2. ICAEW’s Royal Charter and ICAEW’s Supplemental Charter
  3. ICAEW annual review and accounts (2013, 2014 and 2015)

    2013  2014 2015
    Annual review
    Annual review
    Annual review 
    Financial statements  Financial statements  Financial statements 
  4. ICAEW risk management strategies and ICAEW staff development policies
  5. Current requirements for students training for the ACA, ACA entry routes and ACA student regulation
  6. The Review Committee Regulations
  7. ICAEW’s Principal Bye-lawsICAEW’s Disciplinary Bye-laws
  8. Guidance on Sanctions 
  9. PII Regulations
  10. QAD Practice Assurance visits leaflet
  11. Extract from annual return outlining questions relating specifically to probate activities
  12. ICAEW’s Client Money Regulations
  13. The Anti-Money Laundering Guidance for the Accountancy Sector
  14. ICAEW’s Code of Ethics and helpsheet providing guidance to probate practitioners on probate related ethical issues
  15. Taxation services currently provided by accountancy firms that the further reserved legal activities would complement
  16. Relevant Sections of the Legal Services Act 2007 that permit ICAEW to apply to regulate all the further reserved legal activities
  17. Probate application forms
  18. Compensation Scheme Regulations
  19. Continuing Professional Development Regulations
  20. Terms of Reference for the Probate Committee
  21. Business Plan
  22. Proposed draft fee scales
  23. Terms of Reference of Legal Services Committee
  24. Multi-Disciplinary Practices Framework MoU 
  25. ICAEW office-holders and executive management team 
  26. ICAEW structure chart and reporting lines 
  27. Consultation – list of stakeholders for public consultation 
  28. Report on survey 
  29. Letter from the Master of Faculties responding to the public consultation
  30. Letter from The Society of Scrivener Notaries responding to the public consultation 
  31. Letter from The Notaries Society responding to the public consultation
  32. Vernon Soare’s letter to  the Master of Faculties dated 24 March 2016
  33. The Law Society’s formal response to the public consultation