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FAQs on the GDPR: practical considerations for insolvency practitioners (IPs)

ICAEW has been working with R3 to produce the following FAQs on the GDPR and how it affects IPs.

Post 25 May 2018 your appointment notices need to include a privacy notice. A privacy notice is a document explaining to data subjects their rights and how you will use their personal data. Privacy notices are part of a data subject’s right to be informed by an organisation on how their personal data will be used. A data controller has an obligation to provide ‘fair processing information’ to data subjects, typically through a privacy policy (e.g. on a website) or a privacy notice (e.g. a hard copy form). Your privacy notice can be generic.

You can include your privacy notice on your website. If you do so, you will need to make reference to it, and explain where it can be found, in your post-appointment notices. We are aware that some firms are planning to include a sentence in their footer, to tell people where they can find their privacy notice.