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Practice management

If you’re managing a practice, you need to comply with regulations covering areas such as PII, clients’ money and anti-money laundering. You also need to take account of the Code of Ethics and the Practice Assurance regulations and related Practice Assurance standards.

Documents and records

Guidance for members in practice on which documents the member owns; how long documents should be kept; if the client owns the documents, whether the member always has to hand them over; and the member's obligations to allow others access to documents.

Is your entity a member firm?

Guide to determine if your entity is a member firm and whether ICAEW is your firm’s money laundering supervisor.

Anti-money laundering

Guidance and other work that we have done on anti-money laundering law and practice, in the UK and internationally.

Managing professional liability

Guidance to help members manage their risk of potential liability because of an act or omission resulting in financial loss.

Names and letterheads of practising firms

Guidance on the choice of name for a practice and on the information that should appear on the notepaper and documents used for communicating with clients or other parties.

Practice Assurance

Our Practice Assurance scheme provides ICAEW members working in practice with a framework of principles-based quality assurance standards. These resources will help firms develop appropriate procedures and guidance to enable them to comply with the standards.

Practising certificates

Before you engage in public practice in the UK or the rest of the EEA, you need to hold an ICAEW practising certificate and comply with our Professional Indemnity Insurance and Practice Assurance Regulations.