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Latest Probate News

Probate News is a regulatory update produced by ICAEW's professional standards team. Here you’ll find the latest probate technical guidance and best practice information. We email the firm’s probate compliance partner or head of legal practice when a new issue of Probate News is available.

Latest issues of Probate News

Probate News Issue 19 - August 2022


The latest issue of Probate News includes an invitation to respond to our 2023 probate fees consultation, reminders of key guidance and resources such as a list of common inadvertent breaches of the Probate Regulations and an article that highlights the benefits of carrying out client satisfaction surveys.

Probate News Issue 18 - February 2022


In this issue of Probate News, we ask you to tell us if you are still experiencing problems opening clients’ money bank accounts, we highlight the most common issue seen by the Probate Committee and we also share some useful information from the Legal Services Ombudsman to help you as you comply with the updated Probate Regulations.

Probate News 17 - August 2021


This issue contains two new consultations relating to changes to the Probate Regulations and requesting feedback on ICAEW’s reserved legal services strategy. It also contains an update from HMCTS on improvements to its online portal and information about transparency next steps.

Probate News 16 - March 2021


Issue 16 of Probate news covers Probate accreditation, 2021 diversity survey, Best Practice Guide and more information on the HMCTS update.

Probate News 15 - February 2021


This update contains new webinar resources to help your firm carry out its 2021 diversity survey and transparency updates. As well as advice on clients money accounts and updates from HMCTS.

Probate News 14 - October 2020


This issue contains an update on the probate applications process, information on the 2021 probate diversity survey and helpful tips on how to avoid common client complaints.

Probate News 13 - July 2020


Issue 13 contains an update on guidance for banks, new FAQs from HM Courts and Tribunals Service and a reminder to prepare early for your personal indemnity insurance renewal.

Probate News 12 - March 2020


This issue includes an update on online applications from HMCTS, new forms to replace the Statement of Truth and information on the best ways to contact us during the Coronavirus outbreak.

Probate News 11 - October 2019


This issue provides an update on the Government’s proposed probate fee increase, an update from HM Courts and Tribunals Service on recent delays and Brexit resources.

Probate News 10 - July 2019


Read this issue to find out the results of the 2019 probate diversity survey and for the latest regulatory updates.

Probate News 9 - April 2019


In this issue, we highlight a temporary process which is in place for probate and remind our firms of the upcoming final deadlines for the probate diversity survey.

Probate News 8 - March 2019


Welcome to probate news issue 8, where we confirm the result of ICAEW’s application to register firms for a further five reserved legal services.

Probate News 7 - February 2019


Welcome to probate news 7 where we launch a new consultation on our best practice guide to price and service transparency, highlight further resources for the 2019 probate diversity survey and provide links to key news and resources from around ICAEW.

Probate News 6 - November 2018


In this issue, we launch more new resources to support you and your clients, new guidance on deed transactions, updates to the engagement letter helpsheet and information ahead of the probate diversity survey.

Probate News 5 - May 2018


In this issue, we launch new resources to support our probate firms including new FAQs and the ICAEW accredited for probate logo, highlight new research – Diversity and the accountancy profession and ask for your feedback on the funding of ICAEW probate related activities.

Probate News 4 - February 2018


In this issue, access pricing transparency recommendations, ethical considerations for probate practitioners, your views on a probate online community, DBS changes for new AIs and the Probate Committee is recruiting.

Probate News 3 - September 2017


Welcome to Probate News 3; your update containing the latest probate technical guidance and best practice advice. In this issue access the diversity data collection report, principal criteria checklist and the new probate and estate administration checklist.

Probate News 2 - May 2017


The second issue of Probate News covers: diversity data collection, probate registry office certification requirements, updated guidance for probate firms and more.

Probate News 1 - December 2016


The first issue of Probate News covers: research into the effectiveness of client care letters, ICAEW's application to regulate further legal services and a SWAT webinar covering the application process and benefits of obtaining a licence.


Marketing your services: Are you covering the basics?


It may sound obvious, but we find a surprising number of firms do not publicise the probate and estate administration services they provide on their websites. We strongly recommend separating out these services to help increase awareness that you can help with probate.