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Probate News 3 - September 2017

Welcome to Probate News 3; your update containing the latest probate technical guidance and best practice advice. In this issue access the diversity data collection report, principal criteria checklist and the new probate and estate administration checklist.

Diversity data collection

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27 September 2017


Read our in-depth analysis of the March 2017 probate diversity survey results.

The diversity of current and future customers and the resources to serve these markets provide new opportunities for firms. This report provides an important assessment to assist practices to develop the mix of their resources through peer comparisons and market positioning information.

The analysis of responses from ICAEW probate regulated firms has been compared with data from the Financial Reporting Council, the ICAEW annual return, data reported by the SRA and information from the Office for National Statistics.


The Legal Services Board (LSB) requires all its authorised regulators including ICAEW to promote the statutory objective of diversity in the provision of legal services. The LSB requires us to collect and publish data on the diversity of staff within the firms we regulate. As well as a regulatory purpose, there are many benefits to collecting this data. 

Extended deadline

If your firm has not yet submitted its data, the Probate Committee has extended the deadline to 31 October 2017. However, after this date, the committee may consider imposing a regulatory penalty for firms that haven’t submitted this data.

The next survey

Your firm is required to collect, report and publish data on the diversity of all your employers (not just those in the probate team) every two years under Probate Regulation 2.7(s). The next survey will be in 2019. We will send details about the next survey in December 2018.

Principal criteria checklist – please check you have the correct accreditation

All principals of probate firms (partners, members of an LLP or directors; or individuals or persons who are held out as being partners, members of an LLP or directors) must be;

  • members of ICAEW;
  • members of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Scotland (ICAS);
  • members of Chartered Accountant Ireland (CAI);
  • members of another approved regulator under the Legal Services Act 2007 (the Act);
  • accredited probate firm;
  • registered auditors;
  • DPB-licensed firms; or
  • affiliates of ICAEW under the Audit, DPB, Insolvency or Use of the Description Regulations.

Principals that are not one of the above must be granted probate affiliate status. Please complete and submit the application for probate affiliate status form.

New resource: Probate and estate administration checklist

To help your firm meet its regulatory or quality assurance requirements, access our new checklist to ensure you have covered everything.