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Raising the Bar

Pesh Framjee explores the new Audit Insights report to explain how auditors can help charities to better communicate their positive outcomes and effects. As auditors and professional advisers we have the opportunity to do more than sign an audit report - we can go beyond the numbers.

Our involvement gives each one of us a unique perspective and understanding of our clients, the areas of their work, the issues facing them and the sectors in which they operate. It is incumbent on us to highlight and reflect on good practices and provide insights into areas where improvement may be needed. Audit Insights: charities – positive impacts in challenging times tries to do this.

Our report highlights the gap between what charities do and what the public thinks they do, the gap between how charities are managed and operate and how they should be managed and operated. All of us have a critical role in bridging these gaps by demonstrating how charities are delivering positive outcomes and impacts. 

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