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A change of perspective can help audit firms and their clients benefit from abroad range of assurance engagements. Helen Brennan outlines how.

The skills that you develop during financial statement audits can also be applied to non-financial assurance. However, these different types of assurance engagement require a change of mindset and culture from firms and practitioners. They also require a greater understanding among clients and potential clients of the variety of assurance options open to organisations, such as those exempt from mandatory audit requirements and those seeking assurance on non-financial business information.

In support, the faculty recently updated its assurance resources, to help practitioners and those commissioning and using non-financial assurance to find practical guidance on how engagements can be successfully undertaken. The new online resource includes guidance developed from the first edition of ICAEW’s Assurance Sourcebook (formerly available as a hard copy or pdf document). The new web pages include everything that was in the old sourcebook, refreshed, updated and expanded where practice has developed. It’s intended to be more searchable and more readable, but just as informative.

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