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Exploring audit with AuditFutures

There are several questions floating around about audit. What is audit’s purpose? How should we understand the role of audit? AuditFutures is a forum for young professionals to explore these questions, and what they want the profession to be about.

What should the purpose of audit be? How should we understand the role of the profession today? How can we address the expectation gap? With reform of the UK statutory audit industry and its regulation on the horizon, such big questions are on the minds of many in the profession. So when ICAEW’s AuditFutures initiative held its first ‘Time to think’ forum for young professionals at Moorgate Place on 12 March, there was a lot to consider.Auditfutures

"We hosted a deliberative space for young members of the profession to come together to reflect on their motivations and discuss fresh ideas for the future," says Martin Martinoff, programme manager, AuditFutures.