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Audit and Beyond February 2020

In this issue: Mark Babington outlines the Financial Reporting Council's changes to its ethical standard and auditing standards, Sophie Campkin offers an overview of the Brydon Report, With cryptocurrency gaining more popularity, auditors need new skills and knowledge, ICAEW can help firms improve their quality of work in group audits and John Selwood addresses questions on auditing and standards and audit exemption.

Reshaping Audit with the Brydon report 

Recommendations from the Brydon report will help to redefine the direction of the future of audit. Sophie Campkin offers an overview.

Getting to grips with the growth of cryptocurrency

The growing popularity of cryptocurrencies means auditors need new skills and knowledge, says David Lyford-Smith.

Lighting the way for ethics

The Financial Reporting Council has issued a major revision to its ethical standards. 

Enhancements to auditing standards

Mark Babington outlines the Financial Reporting Council’s changes to UK auditing standards.

Group audits: We can help

ICAEW support materials can help firms improve the quality of their work in this key area.

John Selwood's audit clinic 

This month John answers questions on the revised UK ISA about going concern.

Audit & Beyond February 2020

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