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Audit and Beyond July/August 2020

In this issue: Charity Commission review, Expert advice on reporting duties for charity auditors and independent examiners. FRC reform, Sir Jon Thompson, Chief Executive of the FRC,explains in detail his plans for reform. Coronavirus Q&A, Confused about COVID-19? The Technical Advisory Service answers some of the most asked questions. Audit clinic, The FRC’s Revised Ethical Standard may have prompted many questions, but John Selwood is here to help.

The challenge for auditors of implementing ISA 540
Effectively implementing the revised ISA 540 requires careful thinking, planning, training, coaching and guidance explains John Selwood

Updated guidance on reporting duties for charity auditors and independent examiners has been issued that requires prompt action.

Interview with FRC chief Sir Jon Thompson
The Financial Reporting Council’s Chief Executive Sir Jon Thompson talks to Nigel Sleigh-Johnson and Sally Baker about reform.

Your Covid-19 questions answered 
The Technical Advisory Service highlights the questions practitioners have asked the most about COVID-19.
John Selwood's audit clinic 
John looks at the FRC’s Revised Ethical Standard and answers questions for and from auditors.

Audit & Beyond July/August 2020

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