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Audit and Beyond November 2019

In this issue: David Gallagher looks at how auditors can make file reviews more productive and why it's most important to work as a team., Hilary Eastman and Nicola Thorogood consider communication in audit reports, John Selwood answers more questions from faculty roadshows. Shared and joint audits how do they differ, How can audit continue to provide economic value? Martin Martinoff explains. Make the most of your Audit and Assurance Faculty as we look at the variety of benefits.

Points of order for making file review 

There are many ways to make file reviews more productive. David Gallagher shares some ideas. 

Better communication in Audit reports

Can communication in audit reports be improved and what might be the impact? Hilary Eastman and Nicola Thorogood consider the possibilities. 

The great debate on audit and economic value 

How can audit continue to deliver economic value? Martin Martinoff shares some recent perspectives from academics and practitioners.

John Selwood's audit clinic

John tackles some roadshow questions on audit reports and also group audits with overseas components.

Making the Audit and Assurance Faculty work for you 

Make more of your faculty membership and its growing range of benefits. 

Is two better than one?

ICAEW's new thought leadership essay on the future of audit focuses on shared and joint audits.



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