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Audit and Beyond April 2021

In this issue we cover: With Brexit comes new risk factors for audit. The Faculty has created guidance to help. Challenges lie ahead for auditors in 2021. Peter Herbert discusses how to deal with what's coming. There is new guidance on internal audit which covers operational resilience and how to audit it. How you can stay positive and look after yourself and our teams when the pressure is on. John Selwood answers questions on audit reports, going concern and COVID-19 and could a new policy add value to audit and assurance outputs and activities.

Brexit related risk
Faculty resources will assist auditors to understand and asses the impact of Brexit-related risks for firms and for the entities they are auditing.  

Topics and tips for 2021
Auditors may be stretched by some of the challenges they face during 2021. But Peter Herbert has tips on how to deal with what's coming. 

The importance of internal audit 
Internal audit has an increasingly important role to play in operational resilience, says Abigail Harper, and there is new guidance to assist with this.

Surviving audit busy season
Isabelle Campbell shares tips on staying positive under pressure. 

Improving audit and assurance
Audit and assurance activities and outputs could become more valuable and informative with the support of an audit and assurance policy, as Carolyn Clarke explains

John Selwood’s audit corner
John focuses on some of the many questions around audit reports, going concern and COVID-19 issues.



Audit & Beyond April 2021

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