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Audit and Beyond May 2021

In this issue we cover: The government proposals to reform corporate governance and audit, The FCA's guidance on safeguarding engagements, We assess ideas and proposals from standard-setters, John Selwood answers your questions on professional scepticism and detecting irregularities, Alex Russell considers how to make sure audit quality is consistently as high as possible and the importance of making a plan when improving audit services.

The future of corporate governance
UK government proposals for reforming corporate governance and audit are long overdue, but they can offer a rare opportunity for genuine and long-lasting changes.

Assessing payment and e-money firm compliance
FCA safeguarding guidance means that auditors have a lot to consider when providing reports for payment and e-money firms. John Mongelard answers your questions.

The importance of detecting fraud
Standard-setters are moving forward with initiatives around fraud and going concern. Katharine Bagshaw shares some ICAEW perspectives on progress.

John Selwood’s audit corner
John considers some big issues affecting all auditors and audits.

Raising the bar on audit quality
What can be done now to improve audit quality? Alex Russell considers the key messages in a new faculty publication. 

How to improve audit quality with root cause analysis
There are many ways to improve audit quality. Miriam Hanley shares one practical way of helping to deliver continuous improvements in audit quality.


Audit & Beyond May 2021

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