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Audit and Beyond September 2021

In this issue: How to apply the revised ISA 540, A guide to support materials for ISA 540 implementation, Andrew Paul continues his series on improving audit files, Useful resources to help firms with their approach to quality management, Key points from ICAEW's response to proposals for UK audit reform, John answers questions on COVID-19 government grant fund and don't forget to book your place on this year's conference.

How to apply the revised ISA (UK) 540
The revised ISA (UK) 540 is now effective. From risk assessment to professional scepticism, Simon Kettlewell shares some practical tips on its application

Preparing for changes to ISA 540 and ISA (UK) 540
Auditors can access various types of practical support material to assist with ISA 540 implementation. Here’s a guide to some useful resources

The importance of fieldwork
Andrew Paul focuses on the fieldwork stage of assignments in the second part of his series on improving audit files

A journey towards proactive and adaptable quality management
The Audit and Assurance Faculty is planning a programme of activities to support members as they approach first-time implementation of newly designed compliant systems

Reforming audit and corporate governance: ICAEW’s response
The Audit and Assurance Faculty highlights some key points and its role in ICAEW’s response to the UK government proposals

An inside look at the Financial Reporting, Audit and Assurance Conference
Featuring a keynote from FRC Chief Executive Sir Jon Thompson, this online conference will explore how reporting and audit are transforming to strengthen trust and to help build a more sustainable future. See what’s happening across the two-day event here

Question corner
John Selwood considers some questions on Covid-19 government fraud




Audit & Beyond September 2021

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