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Business and Management Faculty webinars and events

Stay up-to-date by attending our webinars and events in 2020. We have a varied programme of CPD lectures offering you the choice of meeting fellow members at our one hour events at Chartered Accountants’ Hall, or listening to our online webinars from the comfort of your office or home.

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To attend our webinars and events free of charge, as well as to receive our magazines, reports and access to our archive of material online.

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One hour morning webinars

These morning webinars (10.00am - 11.00am) are exclusively available and free to Business and Management Faculty members and Faculties Online subscribers.

Date Event Booking Feedback (out of 5)
25 March  Do more in a day than you do in a week View recording  4.8
1 April  Covid-19 impacts on supply chain and financial performance  View recording 4.3 
22 April  What happens when everything generates data?  View recording  4.1 
13 May  How to network your way to success View recording 4.5 
3 June  Economic update  View recording 4.9 
8 July  Better people management  View recording 4.8 
30 September  Strategic thinking for senior professionals View recording 4.5 
7 October Leading resilient teams View recording 4.8 
20 October  Supply chain assurance in the retail sector  View recording 4.3 
5 November  Navigating 'Office Politics' positively  View recording 4.7 
7 December  Practical Excel tips Register now   
16 March   Digital downtown  Register now   
5 May  Skills to future proof your career as much as possible  Register now   
9 June  Economic update  Register now   
7 July  Building an innovative team  Register now   

20 minute lunch webinars

These short lunchtime learning webinars (12.30pm - 12.50pm) are exclusively available and free to Business and Management Faculty members and Faculties Online subscribers.

Date Event Booking Feedback (out of 5)
22 January  Learning for your future View recording  4.3 
12 February  How to make the most of your life's work View recording 4.7 
18 May  Top tips for securing board level support for counter fraud View recording 4.8 
22 June  Simple techniques to improve communication  View recording 3.7 
23 September  The net present value of happiness  View recording 4.1
14 October  Common online frauds and how to avoid them View recording 4.2 
01 December  5144 reasons you should take the Modern Slavery Act seriously   Register now  
10 February  Interview techniques for the Zoom age  Register now    
24 March  Motivating your team: A three-pronged approach  Register now   
12 May  Managing the risk of bribery and corruption  Available soon   


Business and Management Faculty events at CAH, London

These events are free to Business and Management Faculty members.

Date Event Booking
18 March The power of networking Closed
10 September Creating clarity and impact in your reports and talks Postponed
5 November Navigating 'office politics' positively - This will now be delivered as a webinar View recording