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Business and Management July/August 2021

This issue includes: Meet the new BAM Board, How to become the CFO, The CFO and Strategy, How to solve the problem of long hours, Why HR and Finance need to join forces, A guide to company culture, Future proof your career with new skills, Economic update with Steve Davies, Are you listening, Financial Controllers Conference 2021, What happens if we don’t make net zero?

Meet the new BAM board
Our board has some new members, meet them here.

How to become the CFO
The experts detail how to get to the top.

The CFO and strategy
CFOs are key to strategy, make sure you are evolving yours.

How to solve the problem of long hours
Long hours are having an effect on staff, end it now.

Why HR and Finance need to join forces
Remote compliance is a conundrum, and alliance will solve it.

A guide to company culture
The culture where you work is key to all, master it now.

Future proof your career with new skills
Nine key skills to help you connect with your clients and future-proof your career

Economic update with Steve Davies
Our annual round up with the excellent Steve Davies.

Are you listening?
The simple art of listening will heighten your connections and success.

Financial Controllers Conference 2021
We take a look at topics discussed at this year's Conference.

What happens if we don't make net zero?
Looking at the potentially huge consequences for business.

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