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Business and Management June 2020

This issue includes: Adjust to the new world of work, how to separate work and home, the future of retailing, the way out of lockdown, Brexit eye: June 2020, how to be resilient, make your supply chain stronger.

Adjust to the new world of work
Five tips to successfully and productively work from home.

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How to separate work and home
The experts tell how and where to draw the line.

The future of retailing
Analysing the future of the High Street and online retailing.

The way out of lockdown
Analysing the options countries can take to get back to normal.

Brexit eye: June 2020
What needs to be done before the next Brexit deadline.

How to be resilient
Resilience can get you through many tough times, learn how here.

Make your supply chain stronger
Reinforcing your supply chain will avert disaster

Technical updates
Our regular round up of legal and regulatory change.

Business & Management June 2020