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How to separate work and home

With the COVID-19 lockdown in full swing, Britain has become a nation of home-workers. But how might we draw the line between home and office when the physical boundaries have gone? The Business and Management Faculty spoke to a range of experts for their tips on managing this situation

You may not be missing the traffic or packed trains, but our brains might miss the subtle signals of our old routines to transition between home and work mode. So you might need to recreate a getting to work routine: a walk around the block, putting on work clothes (or shoes instead of slippers!), using a designated work coffee cup, or setting up your work space and packing it all away when you’re done for the day.

Having a brainstorming workshop or want to inject a bit of playfulness into your team meeting? Get people to source their own props at home (think arts and craft supplies, Lego sets, music, kitchen utensils) or have fun playing with your Zoom backgrounds. Humour is a great antidote to stress and can get us thinking more creatively too.