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Economic update 2019

This Business and Management Faculty webinar took place on 24 June 2019.

By the middle of this year a survey of the UK economy and its likely prospects, along with those of its neighbours and the world economy in general, is going to be seriously interesting. Whereas for the last two years things have been fairly stable the next year is unlikely to be so calm. We (may? will?) have formally exited the EU at that point and if so will a better idea of the immediate effect of that act and the likely prospects for the next two years.

If Brexit has been delayed or reversed then we would need to think about the impact of continued uncertainty and likely political polarisation around that issue. Meanwhile warnings from observers about the likely prospects for the world economy and warning signs in the statistics have become ever more alarming (Germany has only statistically missed having a recession for example, and the Chinese economy is slowing significantly by recent standards. Above all the problem of debt that was highlighted by the 2008 crisis (and was not addressed then) has returned. So there is much to think about what might happen in the next year and where we will be this summer.