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Special Report - Effective collaboration

Collaboration has been a trendy buzz word in business lexicon for some time now, but, as the pandemic has done with many other ‘nice-to-have’ skills, it has now become absolutely necessary to master. With your colleagues, business partners, suppliers and all other stakeholders more than likely working from home, and maybe even across different locations and time zones, effective collaboration is essential.

How to make the best of virtual office work
The challenges of maintaining efficiency, demystified.

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How to work in teams when times are stressful
The key to improving performance in stressful times

Home working is here to stay
The results of a 2020 IoD survey.

How to hire remotely for your team
Creative ways to approach recruitment remotely.

The four skills remote managers need
Learn about the 4 C’s that you need.

How to work from home effectively
Top tips from ACAS

These additional articles can be found in the pdf of the full special report:

  • Is remote working that great?
  • The downsides of fully remote working
  • What the world says about the future of work
Effective collaboration