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Recruitment and employment basics

Articles, reports and other resources that enable accountants in business to make a real difference to their organisations by providing them with practical information on the latest thinking in recruitment and employment.

How to leave a job well

When leaving a job, the chances of burning bridges are high. This is especially true for finance directors, particularly if their exit is abrupt or not planned well. Christian Doherty finds out the best way to leave a position.

How to find the right NED

The right non-executive directors can bring great value to board meetings, but the wrong ones can bog an organisation down in a quagmire of corporate governance, says Oliver Cummings.

Merits of a four day week

A few organisations are considering shortening the week to four days. What are the advantages for employers?

Achieving work life balance

In the fourth part of our Future of Work series, Peter Taylor Whiffen explores work-life boundaries and how to ensure they stay separate.

Staff retention

Benefits, perks and the latest tricks to boost staff retention

Staff training

Andrew Don examines the myth that continuing professional development is good for the finance team, but not business.

Commuting and work

In the second part of our future of work series, Alison Coleman explores the impact commuting has on businesses and workforces – and what solutions might lie ahead.

In pursuit of potential

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More and more often, FDs are turning to business coaches to enhance their careers. But what does a coach actually do, and how should a potential client prepare themselves for a coaching course? Anne Scoular explains

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