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Dealing with inherent business tensions

With the release of the faculty’s latest report on business performance management, Rick Payne highlights some of the key points.

Do you pull your hair out when you see a report open with some cliché like ‘in this time of accelerating change and increasing uncertainty...’? I know I do. I get more annoyed when the same report goes on to discuss some neat, static framework for driving business performance. In Business Performance Management Report 2 – working with tensions (see icaew.com/bpmadvice), we provide practical advice on achieving organisational success grounded in how the world really works.

We agree change and uncertainty are important considerations, though change is not always accelerating and uncertainty is not always increasing. We also know performance management frameworks can help our thinking. For us though, the real challenge in driving business performance is judging how to deal with the inherent tensions in organisations.

This is an extract from the Business & Management Magazine, Issue 266, July 2018.

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