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Gain insights and inform decision-making with these essential business tools.

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Articles and features

KPI implementation

With the use of key performance indicator projects, it’s easy to be unsuccessful. David Parmenter discusses how businesses can avoid failure.

Templates and case studies

Reporting KPIs - design guidelines

This guideline provides a structured way of making design choices to increase the effectiveness of the product.


The following BPM tool guide is one of a series produced for ICAEW by Professor Mike Bourne of Cranfield University.

Case study: KPI framework for a telecom giant

A case study based on work with one of the world’s biggest telecom companies. The company wanted to identify its most important performance measures and create simple performance dashboards that would provide a simple overview of company performance to the board and senior management team.

Case study: Developing truly relevant KPIs

Service Hotel is a small family-owned hotel group that focuses on personalised service in the middle-class market. A few years back the group created a balanced scorecard and was collecting many traditionally common performance indicators in four perspectives: finance, customer, operations and employees.


KPI glossary

A glossary of terms related to Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), divided into the major subject areas.


Key performance indicators: developing, implementing and using winning KPIs

A manager's guide to implementing KPIs.

Industry press

KPIs: the key to measuring success

A short overview article explaining which KPIs deliver the most valuable reports for four major industries and how the 'internet of things' makes it cheaper and easier to uncover the information you need.

Using performance based KPIs in accounting firms

Advice on the KPI metrics chartered accounting firms should be using to ensure they focus on production and income.

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