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Profiling your company image

A culture deck is a series of slides created to describe a company’s culture and behaviour in order to sell itself to potential and current employees. Brett Putter explores how to make your culture deck more appealing.

When Reed Hastings, Netflix’s CEO, published the company’s culture deck online in 2009, the game changed for Silicon Valley and the tech industry as a whole. Hastings wanted current employees and potential job candidates to understand what Netflix was about on a fundamental level so he could attract and retain the right kind of talent.

Netflix’s online culture deck covers everything a potential employee could want to know about the business – from how people are rewarded, to how “adequate performance gets a generous severance package”; from clarifying that the company works like a pro sports team (not like a family), to explaining that the company doesn’t tolerate brilliant idiots; and why there is no holiday policy.

There is no doubt that culture is critical to the success of companies. According to 2012 research by Deloitte, 94% of executives and 88% of employees agreed that culture was important to business success. Yet, according to a survey of 40 CEOs from high-growth companies by CultureGene, nine out of 10 CEOs do not leverage it as a competitive advantage, despite having complete control over it. If they don’t know how, they might start with a culture deck.

This is an extract from the Business & Management Magazine, Issue 269, November 2018.  

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