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Finance in the broadest sense

Building effective finance functions is a key concern of organisations and finance professionals. At a time when many claim we face unprecedented challenges, Stanley Harding's 1963 lecture on the finance function reminds us that there are many lessons we can learn from history. This report reproduces the lecture in full and complements it with expert commentary.

Webinars and recordings



Looks at the fundamentals for outsourcing success and offers examples of good practice throughout the outsourcing lifecycle.

Art of successful information systems outsourcing, The

Provides advice for dealing with information systems outsourcing on a practical level.

Outsourcing handbook: to implement a successful outsourcing process, The

Outsourcing best practice guide for managers.

CFO insights: enabling high performance through leading practices for finance ERP

Examines the end-to-end business processes that enable leading practices in finance.

CFO insights: achieving high performance through finance business process outsourcing

This title gives practical advice and strategies for Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and answers questions that CFOs may have.

Industry press

The Changing roll of the CFO: being the leader of the finance function is more complicated than ever.

Article looks at two CFOs who discuss how their role has changed, particularly with reference to technology and robotic p[process automation.

Driving digital finance

The article discusses the role of the accounting and finance team in achieving digital transformation to help companies succeed.

Internal audit: in-house versus outsourcing

The article looks at the impact of outsourcing of the internal audit function on the effectiveness of the process or the level of independence and objectivity of the audit. Topics covered include importance of effective internal audit as demonstrated by the failure of Carillion, advantages of outsourcing internal audit such as credibility and cost-effectiveness, potential disadvantages like lack of permanent on-site resource and the pros and cons of in-house internal audit. * For the full article please contact the Library *

Outsourcing in HR

A discussion of the trend in outsourcing human resource (HR) management services by companies in Great Britain. Topics include the uptake in outsourcing, the drop in the value of new outsourcing contracts, and the factors that drive HR outsourcing decisions.