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How to keep on learning throughout your life

Former ICAEW president Hilary Lindsay discusses how to achieve fully integrated learning for the benefit of your business and career.

Some 10 years ago I started to think about what learning would look like in the future. It was clear we would be likely to retire later, have more career changes and have times in our lives when we worked with more or less intensity. But how could learning help us succeed in this new world, a world where we didn’t even know what jobs people would be doing in a few years' time?

The International Federation of Accountants had introduced a requirement that all accountancy bodies provide compulsory continuing professional development (CPD) schemes and foster a commitment to lifelong learning. In response, ICAEW developed an output-based CPD scheme, which meant learning was not about amassing a certain number of CPD points or credits, but about making sure we were competent in the roles we undertook – both now and in the future.

But was being competent enough to help us have the futures we wanted? And exactly what was lifelong learning and where did it fit in?

This is an extract from the Business & Management Magazine, Issue 277, September 2019.

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