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How whistleblowing helps companies

Elizabeth Richards takes a look at how whistleblowing helps companies.

In theory, whistleblowers should be thanked for being brave enough to deliver the bad news company directors need to hear. But, despite the increased attention to and focus on corporate culture, whistleblowers aren’t always regarded as heroes.

Media coverage of recent high profile cases has skewed opinions on whistleblowing and, unless this is addressed, there is a danger that people will be reluctant to come forward. For example, Jes Staley’s relentless pursuit of a whistleblower’s identity at Barclays is just one case that springs to mind. Journalists rely on whistleblowers for stories, but they also seem unable to resist stories about bad treatment of whistleblowers because they make great headlines.

This is an extract from Business and Management Magazine, Issue 278, October 2019.

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