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Learn how to become an effective leader.

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How accountants can become digital leaders

In this thought-provoking presentation, Warren will demystify how your future online customer is “thinking” and why every founder, business owner, and entrepreneur can digitally transform their sales and marketing using a proven methodology as a digital leader and utilise disruptive technology effectively.


Financial Times guide to management : how to be a manager who makes a difference and gets results.

A guide to becoming an effective manager, full of practical tips and advice on to the everyday challenges of: Managing yourself; Developing communication skills and emotional intelligence; Managing others; Setting strategic direction; Managing change; Managing money, resources and technology.

Innovation paradox, The

This title looks at how corporate culture, leadership style, strategy, incentives, and management systems can be structured to encourage breakthroughs.

Communication strategies for today's managerial leader

Provides the communication principles that are key for managerial leaders.

Cost management and control in government: fighting the cost war through leadership driven management

A guide to cost-based decision making for governments.

Industry press

People-centered leadership

The article offers information on the importance of employee management for business development. Topics discussed include information on providing services for the career development of employees; discussions on the services for the benefits of employees; and the advice on caring the employee conduct of life.

A leadership growth journey

This article states that on the path to true leadership, a growth mind-set requires a focus more on the journey than the destination. Topics include research on the benefits of developing a growth mind-set, the importance of having passion and purpose, the dependence of continuous improvement on both the capacity and willingness to keep learning, and the need to value a team player who offers useful criticism since his or her feedback can potentially lead to better decisions and results.

"Learning about yourself as a boss can be a real punch in the stomach"

Article examining the experience of Irish paper-based packaging company Smurfit Kappa, in how its operations developed. Covers the key role played by the group vice president of human resources on the firm's operations, the company's focus on employee engagement to improve performance and productivity, and the firm's partnership with Insead to train its managers.

Leadership isn’t just for CEOs

Discussion of the importance of leadership for early to midcareer professionals. Covers the reality that developing leadership traits and qualities takes time, energy, and effort, similarity of leadership with business, and information about leadership and how to develop and grow in both technical and qualitative areas.

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