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Cognitive leadership skills

What happens to people in finance when they learn to channel their cognitive skills in leadership? You end up with what John Knights calls ‘transpersonal leaders’

Whether your goal is to be the chief executive of a major corporation, the chief financial officer of an entrepreneurial business or you are happy to let your career emerge, every chartered accountant can benefit from becoming a better leader. We are all born with certain innate abilities, the combination of which is personal to us, but we can build on our strengths and improve weaker areas by learning to take control of rewiring our own brains.

That might sound mind blowing, but rewiring of our neural circuits happens every minute of every day. It’s just that much of the time we are not in control of it. We tend to react to our environment and our experiences rather than proactively helping our neural cell structures reconfigure in a way that is most positive for our lives and our future.

For example, when we learn to swim, play tennis or learn a foreign language we receive instruction, trying to reach our potential. We rewire our brains all the time.

This is an extract from the Business & Management Magazine, Issue 263, April 2018. 

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