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Leadership in the era of distraction

David Parmenter explores the leadership attributes that management theorists believe bosses can’t succeed without.

The immediacy of technology has led to a distorted sense of urgency for many. It has also led to a loss of focus and productivity, as well as a lack of leadership. To make matters worse, management and leadership training – once compulsory – is now a rarity. Talented staff are entering their thirties as highly-paid specialists without exposure to management responsibilities.

Where does this leave my talented 40-year-old friend who works in the finance sector and has just received leadership training, but has not, to date, had any staff reporting to him? He is not as disadvantaged as one might think.

Leadership behaviour traits

In an earlier article for the Business & Management Faculty’s Courageous leadership quarterly report in September 2017, I illustrated my belief that effective leaders need to have eight behaviour traits. Subsequently, I have separated these out between those that are ‘hardwired’ and those that can be adopted over time.

This is an extract from the Business & Management Magazine, Issue 267, September 2018.

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E-lecture: Leadership in the Age of Distraction

This practical three hour e-lecture by David Parmenter, split over two days (21/22 November), will cover the traits to become a more effective leader.