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Profile: Tom Miller, Entrepreneur

Tom Miller always wanted to be an entrepreneur - even if that meant experiencing a few bumps along the way. Joy Persaud finds out how training as an ACA turned out to be the perfect ingredient for his success.

Tom Miller uses the word "exciting" frequently as he describes his adventures in business. His voice brims with enthusiasm, revealing a relentlessly positive approach.

From his early days selling ice cream, to his current roles as international operations lead at Airtasker and commercial director at Island Poké, Miller is an entrepreneur to the core. But it was a stint at Baker Tilly and getting the ACA qualification under his belt that gave him the necessary skills to convert that entrepreneurial streak into flair.

He recalls: “I always enjoyed trying to start a little company. I remember when I was eight years old, selling ice cream from the garden to those passing by. It was a really hot day and my father had to run out and buy more to sell.

“The church fete had ice cream a couple of gardens down and they were furious. My father gave them a hearty donation. I don’t think we were undercutting the church – we were charging more – but I remember enjoying the thrill of giving somebody something they wanted.”

This is an extract from the Business & Management Magazine, Issue 274, May 2019.

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